Advanced well completions in Malaysia have been installed since 2003. Recently, advanced well completions have been gaining increased attention for possible deployment in improved oil recovery/enhanced oil recovery (IOR/EOR) projects. This attention has resulted from recognition of values, such as reduced capital cost, improved productivity, operational flexibility, well/reservoir management/monitoring, and increased ultimate recovery.

Controlled and selective injection and production through advanced well completions improve the conformance control and the sweep efficiency in IOR/EOR projects. The technology implies the application of an inflow control device (ICD) or intelligent completion or a combination of both. Application of intelligent and ICD completions have been identified and evaluated by multiple operators for multiple fields under IOR/EOR in Malaysia.

This paper addresses field-wide challenges and proposes advanced completion technology solutions for productivity enhancement and improvement in ultimate recovery from these fields. The focus of completion technologies’ evaluation was to determine the need for zonal flow control requirements for multizone and multilateral applications for producer and injector wells. Further evaluation was performed to determine fit-for-purpose flow control equipment for individual well applications. Detailed well and reservoir modeling was performed to demonstrate added value with application of advanced well technologies (Kokal and Al-Kaabi 2010). Moreover, a quantitative value screening was performed to assess productivity/injectivity gain and estimated ultimate recovery (EUR) from the fields.

A selection and design methodology is presented for advanced well completion with flow performance modeling and anticipated results with proposed completion technologies. Two advanced completion designs were proposed for these offshore wells that intercepted stacked or compartmentalized reservoirs, thin-oil rims, and water zones being used for IOR. Additional consideration was given during completion design for water injectors to accommodate switching to water-alternating-gas (WAG) flooding techniques during later well life if required. The need for appropriate sand control methods were identified and presented to meet sand control challenges in these fields.

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