Field results of the developed complex intensification technology with application to carbonate reservoirs are presented in this article. The effect of this technology is obtained by complex treatment of the bottomhole zone (BHZ) with two types of specially selected chemical compositions (invert-emulsion solution (IES) and acid composition). These solutions are meant to restrict water inflow from high-permeability and fractured layers and secondly increase permeability of low-permeability zones. Based on the obtained results some criteria of choosing candidate wells for acid treatment with preliminary isolation IES for carbonate fractured and vuggy type reservoir rocks are defined. Moreover, a detailed treatment procedure design, for carbonate reservoirs by acid compositions and simultaneous restriction of water inflows (IES), is developed. Results are very promising, based on the Pashninsky field probation, the developed complex technology helps to increase average production rate by a factor of 2 and decrease water cut on average of 14%. We envision that future development of this technology lies in a realm of enhanced oil recovery technologies. Such development can be achieved by increasing injection volume in two stage through cluster pumping station to injection wells.

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