With declining oil production, the Exploration & Production companies are in search of applying innovative methodologies to improve recovery factors from existing fields.  Immiscible Water Alternating Gas (IWAG) has been identified as one of the enhanced-oil recovery techniques for offshore Dulang oil field in Malaysia. The field redevelopment FDP study was initiated in 2007 to evaluate the optimum recovery scheme to increase oil production from all reservoirs in Dulang field. Results from the simulation study indicated that the major reservoirs will benefit from IWAG injection, with ultimate recovery as high as 50% in some reservoirs. Phase 1 of IWAG injection was started in April 2012

Prior to IWAG field implementation, extensive surveillance program was developed to ensure requires data is captured for monitoring the success of the project and provide a feedback for improvement.

This paper explores the selection of tools and testing programs adopted in surveillance program which include Integrated Operation (IO) for IWAG injection in the Dulang field. The new proposed surveillance program is expected to improve water flood and IWAG monitoring;

  • Monitors stable front (water or gas) with high sweep efficiency to push oil to producer

  • Monitors and forecasts displaced reservoir hydrocarbon and water volumes

  • Enables to see and understand the status-quo of WF/WAG performance in each block and reservoir

The new IWAG surveillance program with the IO system will enable the surveillance team to move from reactive to a proactive asset management system. Real time data will enable engineers to know the status of injection facilities, well status and rate and the performance of IWAG EOR in Dulang.

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