In order to determine the best operating scheme, and taking into account the increase in demand for oil and the need of increasing the recovery of existing fields, enhanced recovery techniques are an alternative to the oil industry.

In Colombia, the stratified deposits of heavy oil have become the focus of oil exploration with EOR methods, including the one which is conceptually evaluated in this paper. However, the production of these fields has been restricted to strata having considerable thickness, forgetting about certain amounts of hydrocarbons from thin strata, representing significant potential for increasing production and reserves.

In search of the best alternative for extracting heavy oil reserves are contained in thin strata reservoir, this paper shows the technical and financial evaluation of applying cyclic steam injection using horizontal wells in these fields, using the injectivity and the benefit of the location Horizontal wells, and viscosity reductions product with steam heating. To carry out this process, It was evaluated the effect of each operational and reservoir parameters. Subsequently, due to the uncertainty of the distribution of steam in the reservoir and the importance of heterogeneities in this effect, the numerical simulation was performed with homogeneous and heterogeneous models, comparing productive behavior of each stage, to determine the best model to use in optimizing operational parameters.

Once the best scenario was determined it  was performed a sensitivity and process optimization, seeking operating conditions that showed the best results with cyclic steam injection in horizontal wells, for further financial analysis that would provide a comprehensive feasibility study .

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