Dina Cretaceous Field is located in the Upper Magdalena Valley (UMV) Basin, Colombia. Dina Field operated by ECOPETROL S.A. (discovered, 1969) started peripheral water in 1985. Based on high water cuts (96%) and recovery factors of 32%, comprehensive enhanced oil recovery (EOR), screening evaluation began late 2009, identified Colloidal Dispersion Gel (CDG) as an optimum EOR method for the field.

This paper summarizes Dina CDG project from the laboratory to the field evaluation. Laboratory studies include basic fluid/fluid evaluation, static adsorption, CDG formulations, slimtube, and coreflood tests. Pilot area selection was based on a comprehensive reservoir and injection/production data analysis, water management, well integrity, among other factors. Pilot design was based on detailed numerical simulations using sector and full field models. CDG pilot design also considered water handling limitations and potential injectivity constraints due to the narrow margin of maximum injection and reservoir pressures, combined with low reservoir permeability (50 to 200 mD).

Peripheral CDG pilot included one injector and three producers. CDG injection began in June 2011 and as of September 2012, approximately 437,000 bbl of CDG have been injected (5% of pilot PV). CDG injection strategy considered a fix polymer concentration of 400 ppm and a variable polymer/crosslinker ratio ranging from 40:1 to 80:1; to control maximum injection pressure. Field results showed an important increase in oil recoveries (oil productivity up to 300%) and reduction of water cut decrease (10%). After 16 months, no polymer had been produced in offset producers. Main operating challenges experienced during the pilot project included; the improvement in water quality and its impact on CDG injectivity which will also be described.

This study provides guidance to successfully design, implement, and evaluate CDG pilot projects and other potential chemical EOR technologies in waterflooded reservoirs. Lessons learned during pilot testing contributed to defining pilot expansion strategies supported by an integrated decision-risk management approach.

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