In May 2006, the Warner Mannville B ASP flood was the first field wide ASP flood implemented in Canada. The objective was to successfully implement a commercially viable ASP flood. In this project produced water is treated and reinjected into the reservoir. As of December 2012, an incremental 420 103m3 (2.65 million bbl) of oil has been recovered with an expected total incremental recovery of 777 103m3 (4.89 million bbl), which represents 11.1% of the OOIP. In October 2008, after 0.35 pore volume of ASP injection, the project moved into the Polymer only injection phase. Polymer injection will continue as long as is economically feasible.

A comprehensive monitoring and testing program was implemented to evaluate flood response and performance. This allowed for the optimization of the flood through continuous adjustment to flow rates and led to successful infill drilling locations.

Many challenges have been encountered during this project, including: silicate scale production, treating issues related to the water quality of the recycled injection water, and loss of injectivity in many injection wells.

The challenges were overcome and it has been an economic success with a cumulative positive cashflow within 5 years. The results of this flood have led to the implementation of an additional four floods. The lessons learned from this project have improved numerous aspects of how future floods are designed and implemented.

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