EOR technology has been applied on many projects globally with variable success. It shows great potential for offshore heavy oil with oil recovery low in life span of platform (general less than 30% by water flooding). About 60-70% oil is remained in the formation after water flooding, and for offshore heavy oil reservoir, more oil (about 80%) is remained by the end of the platform life.[1] It becomes more important to achive high recovery before abandoning the platform and the oilfields with lots of oil left in reservoir. With recovery increasment of 5-10% by EOR methods, the reserve will increase greatly, which means an order of magnitude of hundreds of million-tons oilfield is discovered without increase any exploration investment.

Surfactant-polymer (SP) flooding was a potential enhanced oil recovery (EOR) technology that was more powerful than the polymer flooding. And it was test or applied successfully in some high or extra-high WCT onshore oilfields of Shengli oilfields (SINOPEC), Daqing oilfields (CNPC) in china. The paper presents a filed EOR test case of offshore heavy oilfield oilfield by SP.

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