Surfactant-Polymer (SP) flooding has attracted lots of attention among chemical combination flooding researchers in recent years. Pilot tests of SP flooding in China were introduced and key factors influencing the performance of pilot tests were analyzed in this paper. Main technological problems occurred in pilot tests were indicated. Suggestions concerning technology improvement and development were given.

About ten SP flooding pilot tests were carried out in China since 2003. These target reservoirs were characterized with high permeability and low permeability sandstone, conglomerate, and high temperature and high salinity ones respectively. At present, the performance of SP flooding pilot tests in Gudong Block 6 and Gudong Block 7 of Shengli oilfield have shown good enhanced oil recovery (EOR) effect. It confirmed SP flooding could improve both of oil displacing efficiency and sweep efficiency and EOR ability for SP flooding is better than that of polymer flooding. EOR effect of SP flooding can be reflected from the following two aspects. Firstly, with SP slug injecting, the pressure of injection well increased and fluid entry profile was adjusted. The performance of profile control was favorable. Secondly, ultralow interfacial tension could be achieved and residual oil was displaced significantly. SP flooding showed stronger ability in decreasing water cut and increasing oil production than polymer flooding. The production history data showed that main factors influencing EOR were the corresponding relationship between injection wells and production wells, the chemical formula properties and the injection amount of SP system. The favorable oil production was obtained when the corresponding relationship between injection wells and production wells was good. The quality stability of SP formula could influence the flooding EOR performance greatly. Small injection slug size of chemical system would lead low EOR level.

The key technologies which should be improved and optimized for SP flooding are displacing agent quality, formula system stability, slug design, well pattern and so on.

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