Alkyl polyglucosides (APGs) are recognised as sustainable surfactants based on natural raw materials. They exhibit a low ecotoxicity profile and are therefore already used in different oil field applications. In this paper it is shown that APGs have superior solubility properties in high salinity environments. The interfacial tension of crude/brine systems can be significantly lowered even in high salinity brines. The performance of APGs can be improved by optimising the hydrophobic as well as the hydrophilic part of the surfactant. In contrast to standard surfactants used in EOR applications the performance of APGs is not reduced under elevated temperature or high salinity conditions. Their performance is not influenced by typical salinity and temperature gradients as can occur in the reservoir. Moreover, microemulsions can be formed even under high salinity and elevated temperature if APGs are used together with co-solvents.

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