This paper describes, discusses, and compares the relative value of different completion-efficiency or completion-quality measurements that the industry currently uses to grade the technical success ofhigh-permeability sand-control completions. Some of the measures discussed are flow rate, total drawdown, productivity index, skin factor, and a permeability-adjusted skin factor. The paper presents the advantages and disadvantages of each measurement, along with a discussion of the variables that affect the measurement.

Although most people in the industry can agree on the variables, procedures, and methods that affect completion efficiency, how to best measure the completion efficiency is often debated. This paper presents an effective method to determine completion efficiency, a detailed method of estimating the completion efficiency measure, and the targets and values being achieved within the industry.

The methodology discussed includes corrections for turbulence effects, partial completion effects, and friction losses between the measuring point and perforations. Guidelines and procedures for collecting the required data are also presented.

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