The Val D'Agri field is located 20 Km SE of Potenza (Basilicata) in Southern Italy. The aerial extension of the field covers approx. 250 Km2 mostly (2/3) in the mountainous region (more than 1000 m. a.s.l.) of the field, while the remaining part is located in the river Agri valley at 600 m. a.s.l.

The field is divided into five blocks: Grumento Nova, Corleto Perticara, Caldarosa, Volturino and Tempa Rossa, operated by ENI Agip Division on behalf of different Joint Ventures, comprised by Enterprise Oil, FINA, and Mobil.

From 1980 to present 24 wells have been drilled by ENI Agip Division. The most significant discoveries have been Costa Molina 1(1980) and Monte Alpi 1 (1988), in the southern part, Cerro Falcone 1 (1992), in the northern part, and Monte Enoc 1 (1994), in the central part of the field which confirmed a unique reservoir. Val D'Agri is currently the most interesting Italian region for hydrocarbon production, and probably the most demanding from the completion technology point of view.

The overall plan is to drill more than 50 wells and produce about 100,000 bopd when the oil treating center and the pipeline network will be completed.

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