Physical model experiments of sand production and productivity change in open hole, single screen completions have been performed. Synthetic and outcrop sandstone samples containing a drilled vertical scaled borehole with a concentric single screen in place were tested under conditions of realistic formation stresses and radial fluid flow. The increase of the drawdown and depletion, by raising the effective external stresses and the pore pressure gradient, to conditions by far exceeding the formation collapse stress, resulted in productivity reductions. The differential fluid pressure over the screen did, however, never exceed 10 kPa; which is negligible compared to the near-wellbore formation pressure drop. The variation of the screen-formation annular clearance and the mismatch of the screen slot opening to the formation grain size distribution did not alter the productivity significantly. However, transient sand production through the screen occured when the screen slot opening was oversized. The productivity was, however, reduced when the screen-formation annulus was gravel-packed.

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