A 700’ cased hole horizontal well was gravel packed and completed in the Alba Field, Central North Sea. The completion incorporated a number of new technologies adopted for a horizontal cased hole completion including both equipment and fluids. The zone was completed in 2 stages using a horizontal stack pack approach. Perforation packing was optimized by performing a staged acid prepack with the guns in the hole utilizing a low density synthetic gravel substitute in a shear thinning carrier fluid. This was a world first achievement at a cased hole gravel pack using the stack pack approach in a horizontal well. A solids free fluid loss control material was evaluated and chosen for the high permeability Alba sands (3 Darcy). Extensive lab testing was performed to ensure minimal damage from various fluids. A 30' physical model was used to optimize annular pack efficiency. A gravel placement computer simulation was used to design pump rate, sand concentration and gel loading in order to optimize annular and perforation pack efficiency.

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