When production facilities are not equipped with a solid control device, proppant flowback becomes an issue throughout the entire productive life of a screenless multi fractured well. The challenge of minimizing proppant flowback is even more critical when dealing with offshore horizontal wells with ESP systems installed.

A wide selection of proppant flowback prevention additives is now available in the industry: most of them work either chemically or mechanically. At low formation temperature (150 F), the effectiveness of some additives such as resin coated proppant or fiber can be limited due to the temperature activation.

This paper will describe a successful strategy of proppant flowback control which was implemented in a multi stage fracturing treatment on a horizontal well in M- field, offshore Congo. It is the combination of resin coated proppant, enhanced by a chemical activator and inert fibers that provides double mechanism to eliminate proppant flowback issues during well production and sustaining life of ESP.

Success in this multi stage fracturing treatment has resulted in oil production from a pay zone that has never been produced due to poor petrophysical characteristics.

This document will describe: proppant flowback control additives selection process, placement strategy, hydraulic fracturing design and well execution considerations for multi stage fracturing treatments.

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