When performing matrix stimulation treatments, coiled tubing (CT) is a preferred placement technique due to the ability to spot fluid in front of the target zone(s). This method becomes a key solution when formation heterogeneities require a very selective fluid placement strategy.

In today's industry, the most common approach is to design a treatment with volumes of stimulation and diverter fluids that are determined largely based on local practices. Often, it amounts to targeting a uniform stimulation, thus requiring a predefined amount of treatment fluid per length of total pay zone. That approach, although widely used and accepted, may not necessarily yield an optimum stimulation.

We present an alternative technique that relies on the accurate quantification of fluid placement along the formation in order to define the respective volumes of stimulation and diverter fluids to be pumped. This method relies on the analysis of the distributed temperature sensing (DTS) data recorded by a fiber-optic line enclosed inside the CT and data processing through a fast interpretation algorithm to yield a zonal coverage profile. During a job, DTS data corresponding to the preflush can be used to estimate the initial placement distribution across the pay zone. This allows stimulation engineers to determine the best strategy for the subsequent well stimulation treatment, including fluid volumes and placement sequence. After every major pumping stage, a new DTS analysis assesses how the formation reacted to the treatment, improving placement strategy.

This method has been used in multiple matrix stimulation treatments of injector and producer wells. The described innovative approach allows engineers to make more informed decisions between stages, optimizing fluid resources, fluid placement and, ultimately, stimulation effectiveness. It also leads to noteworthy advantages when designing new acidizing treatments, as companies can build on previous experience from similar wells and fields.

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