In order to accurately predict and assess the impact of formation damage on well production or injection models of near wellbore are frequently employed. These models can range in detail and accuracy from basic analytical models to comprehensive numerical models. But which is most appropriate for a specific reservoir or well type? This paper presents a review of the principle options available and their potential applications. In addition a vision of potential future developments in modelling is presented.

A constant challenge to the formation damage community is predicting the impact of damage and the value in its reduction or elimination. Thus modelling the impact of damage is usually undertaken in order to answer the question "what does this mean for my well?". Many different model types have been employed over the years. The different approaches, their logic and potential applications in different well and reservoir types are presented together with a brief history of near wellbore modelling. With continuing dramatic advances in computational power and in software, the future of reservoir, near wellbore and well modelling has previously unimagined potential. Some of this potential is also explored and its' applicability discussed.

The paper provides a comprehensive overview of near wellbore and formation damage modelling and should provide a useful first entry in to this subject for novices and will no doubt draw constructive responses from the various near wellbore model advocates.

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