K Field is a gas field located in Saudi Arabia, with production from the Unayzah A reservoir, an unconsolidated sandstone reservoir notable for its comparative depth. The high corresponding bottomhole temperature combined with corrosive gas properties manifests in aggressive in-situ corrosion conditions. Sand control is needed in this reservoir due to the weak rocks and high tectonic stresses. Frac-pack completions have been used successfully for a number of years and typically manifest in a low positive skin. They tend to suffer from condensate banking and flow related skin.

A number of years ago it was decided to use the then novel expandable sand screen (ESS) technology in a long horizontal well to maximise reservoir drainage. This presented many challenges in terms of the metallurgy, the interaction with high stresses and the deployment in a deep hot well. In April 2004 Well K-3 was drilled as a horizontal open hole well and completed with ESS, setting three world records at that time for the hottest and deepest ESS installation and first ever Incoloy ESS system.

The well was shut-in almost immediately after clean-up operations began due to a mechanical failure in the upper completion, and remained shut-in for nearly 3 years. The well was successfully restarted after an upper completion workover.

This paper describes assessment of well performance from a multi-rate production test conducted following successful workover of Well K-3, and benchmarks key performance indices with those derived from analysis of neighbouring wells equipped with alternative sand control techniques.

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