OMV-AUT is running the Schönkirchen-Reyersdorf and the Tallesbrunn gas storage facilities with capacities of 1.77 respectively 0.3 billion m3 in the Vienna basin. These facilities at depths between 1000 and 1300 meters are former sandstone gas reservoirs operated with traditional external gravel packed (GP) vertical wells. Increasing gas demand and the urge to increase efficiency prompted an effort to adapt the whole system to a state of the art operation by making full use of available technology. This included:

  • Application of a novel low damage drill-in fluid system

  • Recompleting former inside as outside casing gravel packs

  • Drilling high performance horizontal wells

  • Completing these horizontals with an expandable sand screen (ESS) respectively with a horizontal open hole gravel pack (HOHGP)

During the project, new field quality control procedures were established and laboratory tests run to demonstrate the potential of the mud system. The mud system used had been designed for oil wells, but never before proved for gas storage. Despite many simultaneous changes in parameters, well tests confirm the assumption of substantial gains due to meticulous QC, intense cooperation and modern technology.

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