Most of PETRONAS fields in Malaysia have been producing for more than 20 years. At this advanced stage of depletion, reservoir driving forces are low. Organic deposition, particularly in the near-and-around well bore region and in production tubing, can further reduce the production of oil by restricting the flow passage from reservoir to wellbore. A study to address this issue with a view to rejuvenate the problem wells through laboratory analysis & pilot field implementation was conducted.

A unique thermo-chemical system has been developed as an effective tool for 1 :-

  • Removing the organic deposits near-and-around wellbore and production tubing, hence

  • Enhancing the production from the treated wells.

The two components of the system are injected simultaneously into the wellbore through production tubing. Upon mixing, both components will produce heat and reaction products. The heat generated capable to melt and dislodge the organic deposits. While, the reaction products will act as an effective solvents and surfactants for dispersion of organic species.

The objective of this paper is to present the result of 4 wells treated by the thermo-chemical system. Well selection criteria based on production profile and well history is described. The implementation technique and a post treatment production gain are also highlighted.

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