Most existing production of waxy oils occurs from high permeability formations, and wax issues are mostly a problem in the production tubing or pipeline. Large reserves do also exist in low permeability formations that require hydraulic fracturing for economic production. Such a reservoir was recently discovered in Rajasthan (northwest India), overlying a more typical high permeability formation, both with high pour point waxy oil. Since a very large amount of oil-in-place is present in the low permeability formation, two fracturing campaigns were performed in two different horizons to assess the potential for successful well stimulation. The first fracturing campaign (on four wells) showed limited success. A study was performed to determine the reason for the failure, and significant changes were made for the 2nd campaign. This paper documents the 2nd campaign. This campaign featured the first successful use of heated fluids in India to stimulate a shallow, low permeability, massive oil reservoir containing high pour point waxy oil.

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