Initial Open Hole Gravel Pack (OHGP) completions that have been installed in Greater Plutonio to date have all achieved complete annular packs and zero mechanical skin factors, resulting in well productivity indices that are significantly greater than expected.

The success of the Greater Plutonio OHGP completions has been attributed primarily to the rigorous design and field application of the fluid systems used at all stages of the well from drilling the reservoir through to the gravel pack itself and subsequent completion. An integrated approach was adopted for the design of the fluid systems involving extensive formation damage and fluid compatibility testing. To translate the robust design into a fluid system which can be applied effectively in the field, a thorough, fit for purpose QA/QC system for all drilling and completion fluids was developed, requiring extensive fluids testing and reporting at the well site.

The paper describes in detail the reservoir completion philosophy, drilling and completion fluids' systems and overall operational practices used in the Greater Plutonio OHGP completions. It also discusses the fluids design phase of the project and the QA/QC processes implemented in the field. Finally the paper presents the well productivity data from the wells completed to date.

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