BP Trinidad and Tobago (bpTT) has been developing highrate gas fields in Trinidad & Tobago since 1999, and has six high rate gas fields currently on production, with several more in planning stages. All of the wells require sand control and this has resulted in five sandface completion types (Open Hole Gravel Pack, Cased Hole Frac Pack, Cased Hole Gravel Pack, Stand Alone Screen and Orientated Perforating). Based on the experience and field performance, open-hole gravel packing has become the preferred option. The techniques used in completing these high rate gas wells as open-hole gravel packs have included both water-packs and shunt-packs. The experiences gained from these operations have now become part of BP's open-hole gravel pack best practices.

The paper details the completion evolution in BP's offshore Trinidad and Tobago high rate gas fields and the relative performance of these completion types from sand control and well productivity standpoints.

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