A new experimental methodology using X-ray Computed Tomography for studying the filtration phenomenon that occurs during the injection of water with solid particles into porous media is presented. Previously unattainable deposition profiles are used to test for conformance the widely accepted classical deep-bed filtration model, proposed by Iwasaki in 1937. An equivalent system of linear ODEs is obtained using the method of characteristics and is used in the presented analysis. Results indicate that deposition profile measurements are more valuable than typically measured effluent concentration profiles. Furthermore, it is concluded from the presented analysis that the classical model is a valid approximation to the filtration phenomenon. However, clear discrepancies between model predictions and experimental results are observed. These discrepancies could be attributed to either the kinetics equation of the classical model or the extrapolation needed to compensate for data lost due to noise. Finally, a set of recommendations for improved experiments is suggested.

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