Preventing scale precipitation is one of the main issues for maintaining well productivity on the Veslefrikk Field 1. An oil soluble scale inhibitor treatment was pumped that reduced the initial productivity index (PI) from 21 Sm3/d/bar to 3 Sm3/d/bar. Reperforation only restored some of the productivity (from 3 to 7 Sm3/d/bar) indicating deeper near wellbore damage. A small hydraulic fracture stimulation was then performed, creating a propped fracture with a half-length of approximately 6 m. The PI then increased to 30 Sm3/d/bar, a 43% increase from the initial value. The stimulation was performed under pressure through a 2 7/8" work string run on Rig Assist Snubbing (RAS) with pumps and blenders rigged on the pipe deck.

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