Subsidence and reservoir compaction continues to be significant concern for the oil and gas industry. The decrease of pore pressure during hydrocarbon production (depletion) leads to compaction of the reservoir. When compaction occurs, it changes the porosity and permeability properties of the reservoir rock and can affect recovery efficiency and well productivity. The results of stimulation efforts to improve gas deliverability in carbonate reservoir experiencing subsidence in Offshore North West Java (ONWJ) field are presented here.

The wells in this study were completed in the Parigi Formation, which is a thick carbonate buildup formation with large columns of gas about 250-300 feet thick underlain by aquifer.It has high porosities (32-45%) and good gas permeabilities up to several Darcies with the initial well production were around 20-30 MMSCFD. The continuous production of gas from this shallow, thick and low strength carbonate reservoir has resulted in reservoir compaction, surface subsidence, several well mechanical failures and a sharp production decline (from 15 MMCFD to 2 MMCF). The other impact of declining gas rate that is nearing its critical velocity is causing water condensation that cannot be lifted out of the well; it then accumulates in the wellbore and creates more back pressure on the reservoir.

Treatment efforts, starting from nitrogen kick-off with CT to unload the condense water in the wellbore followed by re- perforation and acidizing job, that were conducted in the first two well have resulted a significant production response. Gas production increases by 4-9 times after the treatment. The previous fear/perception that acidizing would perhaps even worsen the conditions of the reservoir and thus reduce production proved not to be true. These successful treatments have led to stimulation campaigns for other wells in the area.

This paper will also discuss several surveillance projects to monitor and assess the magnitude and progression of surface subsidence, reservoir compaction and wellbore damage in this area.

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