An investigation of the adsorption of long flexible polymer chainlike molecules during flows in low permeability porous media under near-wellbore conditions is reported. The theory for this phenomenon (canonical filtration theory) previously developed is firstly surveyed. This theory encompasses four partial differential equations describing the overall mass conservation, the conservation of the longest chains and the layer and bridging adsorption kinetics. Simple analytical expressions were derived mainly for flow in flat cores (having a length that is much smaller than the diameter), for which the problem reduces to the adsorption kinetic equations. Numerical computations were conducted to predict the transport and sorption behavior in long cores. Experiments conducted using a high molecular weigh cationic polyacrylamide and siliceous cores have been performed. The flat core experiments were used to determine the kinetic adsorption coefficients, which were then used in the numerical computations. Long core flow experiments were used to determine concentration profiles. The theoretical prediction and experiments in the long cores are in excellent agreement, which proves the validity of the canonical filtration model.

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