Dutch twill weaves are a common filter medium for premium and expandable screens. This paper attempts to address the question of which weave aperture size to select for a particular sand. An extensive matrix of sand retention tests using reservoir sands has been performed to gain a better understanding of the retention and plugging performance of dutch twill weaves. Several weaves have been used with different weave aperture sizes as measured by a glass bead test. Sand retention testing is often fraught with experimental artifacts and the results are very dependent on experimental conditions. However, the general trend in the data from a number of tests shows good correlation between some aspects of the sand distribution and the retention performance. In particular the diameter of the largest sand grains for a particular sand (d1, d5 and d10) are shown to be important in determining retention performance. From this data, an aperture sizing criteria for dutch twill weave sand screens is proposed. The plugging performance of the weaves is also examined with respect to weave open area and sand uniformity.

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