A 360-degree rotating jetting tool has been successfully deployed to cleanup about 1000 ft of 6.25" horizontal open-hole gravel packed (OHGP) well. The exercise was carried out using Nitrified 10% HCl placed from the toe to the heel at Coil Tubing average rate of 20 ft/min. Three passes were made at total fluids rate of 1.0 bpm. During the fluid placement, no losses were encountered. After the treatment and initial production testing, a baseline memory production log (MPLT) was acquired across the horizontal drain section to evaluate the completion/cleanup efficiency. The MPLT results indicated a better drain hole cleanup as seen in the inflow profile of the completed drain section. Higher contribution was also noticeable in the cleaner sand members. From the result obtained, the 360-degree rotating jetting tool can be efficiently applied to cleanup drain holes especially in horizontal wells equipped with gravel packs.

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