Besides curing wax, hydrate or viscous flow problems, thermal insulation should also improve lift performance and producing time of wells and risers, since it helps to reduce by various ways the liquid content in a gaseous column of production. "Thermogelf" project objectives were to prove benefits of thermal insulation on well performance and to test one specific method to set a super insulation (an aerogel) in a producing well, avoiding a work-over. Thus, a silica aerogel has been processed into a self-killing gas well in the Netherlands, in autumn 1999. Although the process was not completed, because not so fast as expected, this field trial enhanced significantly the well production, and produced a decisive experience to improve the implementation method. Therefore, this project demonstrated that "Thermolift" methods could be lucrative on numerous mature and new fields, and aerogel processing in the annulus of wells should be next developed as a relevant technology.

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