This paper presents results of comprehensive analysis of BP horizontal well productivity and completion performance data. The study was performed to benchmark performance of existing horizontal wells with a view of developing simple empirical techniques that could be used for predicting performance of future wells. The developed correlation predicts a range of expected well productivity for future wells. This prediction reflects limitations of current completion technology and possible reservoir heterogeneities. The analysis method is based on presenting the existing well productivity data in the form of dimensionless parameters: the well productivity coefficient and the normalized productivity improvement factor. The results of this study can be used to:

  • sense check estimate of theoretical well performance for undeveloped discoveries with historical performance for similar type reservoirs

  • provide quality control for newly commissioned wells to see if performance is as expected

  • help optimize development well design (i.e. high angle vs. conventional) to optimize reservoir exploitation

  • offer a means to rank well surveillance work based on where initial well performance lay with respect to global historic experience.

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