During the completion of a well the utilization of a propellant stimulation system immediately after or at the time of perforating has been demonstrated to provide sufficient stimulation energy to cleanup formation damage in the near wellbore region while remaining within the desired zone of interest. The focussed and virtually instantaneous nature of this technique means that it can be used in applications where more aggressive stimulation techniques may result in the increase of undesirable fluid production due to stimulation extension into adjoining regions. Propellant stimulation devices provide an inexpensive and effective method of dealing with near wellbore damage due to drilling, completion, or perforating in both producing and injecting environments.

Standalone propellant stimulation techniques have been successfully utilized for a number of years in various areas of the world. The recent development of a propellant assisted perforating system means that the perforations and near wellbore region can be effectively stimulated at the instance of perforating. This advanced perforating system fuses perforating and propellant stimulation devices into a hybrid system - the well can be perforated and the near wellbore region stimulated all with one run in the hole. The development of propellant stimulation modeling software and high-speed electronic pressure recording devices has assisted in the development and verification of the technique's effectiveness in removing or reducing near wellbore damage.

This paper will discuss the development history of this unique perforating and stimulation technique and the new analytical tools used in its advancement and ongoing application. A number of case histories are presented documenting the use and effectiveness of the stimulation method in a variety of environments and applications.

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