1. Outline challenges O&G Big data brings and emerging requirements 2. Propose alternative approach for Big Data processing at the remote sites and why Cloud is not enough 3. Demonstrate O&G use cases that benefit from the proposition Methods, Procedures, Process: Fog computing is a new and growing technology area designed to address requirements for processing at the edge of growing amounts of field data (O&G Internet of Things), and to address new applications that have low-latency requirements and can not be addressed by cloud infrastructure typical for other industries. Fog is not a replacement of the cloud, but an extension. It allows O&G companies to extend analytics, expand context awareness, improve data quality at the remote site (Oilfield, Offshore Drilling/Production Platform) Results, Observations, Conclusions: Key areas and emerging O&G application that benefit from Fog phenomena, and currently piloted by O&G majors and automation & instrumentation suppliers: • Real-time actionable analytics • Real-time data sharing between different applications, vendors and service providers • Wellhead optimisation • Fleet mobility and management • Leak detection and distributed safety systems • Employee safety • De-manning and automation • Secure, federated data ownership The technology fundamentally fits so well into the O&G industry as its operations are taking place in remote geographies, and there is a clear need for effective combined local and remote data processing, especially triggered by growing volumes of data at the edge. As an example, Distributed Acoustic Sensor for Vertical Flow Profiling use case is capable to generate around 1-2 TB of data per day per well. However, typical satellite channel to the data centre is around 250K-1Mb. Fog Computing enables pre-processing of the data and distributed analytics at the edge, thus optimising data transmission, however allowing geo scientist still to inquire high resolution data from remote site, in case there is an interest to zoom into particular area. Novel/Additive Information: Fog Computing is a new and revolutionising phenomena for field remote processing of data at scale. It is going through pilot stage, and O&G companies are loading it with multitude of use case and applications to explore full potential and develop competitive advantage with more agile platform for data insights and knowledge.

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