Samarang field, operated by PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd (PCSB) is located offshore Sabah, Malaysia with first oil in 1975. The field is undergoing a major redevelopment project with Integrated Operations (IO) being part of initiatives that covers re-instrumentation, telemetry and telecommunication infrastructure installation, Collaborative Working Environment construction and Workflows implementation. Samarang Integrated Operations was designed as an Asset Management Decision Support solution to improve the quality and efficiency of decision processes through implementation of a real time production, reservoir and process surveillance system.

Understanding and analyzing the asset performance is not an easy and well-defined process in the current state of operations in Samarang. Lack of proper instrumentation to measure the actual production parameters, delay in data transfers from field operations to office, manual data processing, delay in model updates and a long decision cycle have made it difficult to assess the accurate status, diagnose issues and optimize the production. In order to overcome these challenges and to improve field awareness, 5 workflows were designed and deployed in order to achieve an early milestone of providing real time well performance monitoring, surveillance and optimization. These workflows are:

  1. Well Status

  2. Well Rate Estimation

  3. Gas Lift Surveillance and Optimization

  4. Operational Back Allocation

  5. Well Test Validation

The paper explains how these workflows are implemented for Samarang in an integrated way for improved decision making, enhanced quality with a focus on operational efficiency and underscores its values with enhanced asset management by using real time measurements focusing on accurate diagnostics, automated workflow executions and improved reaction time, to provide a modern decision support system.

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