Federal safety and environmental guidelines, as well as the internal industrial safety regulations of Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX), require that all of the operative knowledge, such as procedures, technical manuals and best-practices concerning prevention and reduction of workplace accidents, be a mandatory part of the material available to workers in dangerous and risky areas, ranging from an oil rig or an offshore platform, to a maintenance workshop.

Traditionally, this material has been distributed in paper and stored wherever there was space available in the site. However, this method presents several logistical challenges: the huge amount of material; the very limited space available to store it; the difficulty in updating the material; and the amount of time needed to find specific information within the thousand of pages to browse through. Now, multiply those issues by 300, which is the approximate number of PEMEX operative installations in the country as of this writing. This led to a lax enforcement of the best practices and a generally soft safety culture within the workforce.

In cooperation with PEMEX, and following the internal guidelines for the requirements of a solution, a fully integrated and digital service was developed to supplant this process, compliant with the established international safety standards to ensure a safe working environment, and providing PEMEX with a tool to extract new business intelligence that they would otherwise not be able to mine.

The solution has been implemented in PEMEX for several years now. This implementation has correlated with a reduction in the number of accidents occurring in the workplace, whether that workplace is a drilling well, an offshore platform or maintenance workshop. The associated reduction in costs has also been observed, while also reducing the more traditional costs concerning logistics and stationary. As a result, the solution has been a siginificant and ubiquitous presence in most PEMEX drilling, extracting and maintenance installations.

In this paper, we present in full this integrated service, a general description of how it solves the different existing problems, and what it has accomplished.

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