The midstream business group in Pemex has invested in the development of Digital Oilfield and Asset Optimization technology and processes through two projects. The objective is to improve the use of online data for analysis and decision-making related to the key midstream business of hydrocarbon transport, export and delivery. The two projects have implemented a nationwide data foundation (SIAPPEP) along with an Online Monitoring and Optimization (MOL) system to recognize and manage anomalous conditions in the hydrocarbon transport system.

This paper focuses on the MOL project, which was initiated in 2012 and builds on an underlying SIAPPEP data foundation that was developed earlier. The MOL project covers 7,000 kilometers of hydrocarbon pipelines in Mexico, and comprises five subprojects that with SIAPPEP collectively make up the Pemex midstream Digital Oilfield (DOF) system: (1) MOL Monitoring to consolidate information from a large number of “islands of SCADA” distributed throughout Mexico to form a comprehensive view of midstream activity; (2) Collaboration Environments to create communication, visualization and collaboration infrastructure that links centralized operational teams in each region to remote operational groups; (3) MOL Optimization to assess the best monitoring and modeling technology investments with high potential to improve business workflows and operational performance; (4) MOL Modeling to create and calibrate simulation models for the main oil and gas trunk lines and pipelines; (5) Online Transient Modeling Assessment to evaluate the informational readiness to implement online transient simulation along key strategic pipelines in the country, to assure safe midstream operations and to meet hydrocarbon quality specifications.

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