Real Time Production Optimization (RTPO) solutions have been deployed in Chevron assets starting in the 2008-2009 timeframe as part of the i-field® program. These solutions provide a common platform for accessing and integrating real-time field and well performance data with predictive modeling results. RTPO is a solution in the i-field® program that encompasses all aspects of people, process, and technology, with the objective of fundamentally transforming the way highly instrumented assets of the future are monitored using the right combination of physics-based modeling and high frequency real time field data.

Chevron uses the Digital Oil Field tool suite from Petroleum Experts Ltd. (Petex) for RTPO deployments. The enterprise common solution includes model-based surveillance and analysis workflows, data integration with real-time field data and well test data, and visualization interfaces. Over the past few years, RTPO solutions have been deployed to a large number of Chevron oilfield assets worldwide, each presenting its own opportunities and challenges. In this paper, we will summarize key lessons learned from our experience so far, and our vision of the future of RTPO in Chevron.

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