A Digital Oilfield (DOF) System, being implemented in the highly complex Jurassic reservoirs of Kuwait, is enabling integrated operations with the ultimate aim of asset optimization. The technology and change programme, called Kuwait Integrated Digital Field (KwIDF) was fast tracked to meet the production targets safely & optimize the development of the field by providing capabilities to the initial phases of development. Earlier papers1  have highlighted the build of the system with the aim to maximize ultimate recovery, maintain regular production and minimize well site interventions needed to mitigate problems resulting from the caustic nature of the flow stream.

We now have two years of experience in running operations using the capability provided by KwIDF. Based on the experience of operating the field over two years, we are at a stage of analyzing the scope to build workflows for managing the long transients that the reservoirs and surface facilities exhibit, enhancing the reservoir and surface surveillance and integrating surface and subsurface in an online IAM.

In this paper, we discuss the experience gained through effective, controlled and managed deployment of technology to bring about accelerated benefits from every component of technology deployed. The controlled and phased approach has allowed us to develop an operating template that is being used to plan for further technology deployment to optimize production, manage the reservoirs for maximum recovery and deliver fluids safely such that each and every technology deployed contributes towards the accrual of operating benefits.

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