In the high risk, highly technical and demanding environment of offshore oil and gas operations there are very few items more critical to the safe and effective execution of the overall program than well control and isolation. Regarding well isolation, multiple barriers require the cementing job plan and the corresponding procedures be conducted as proposed. In addition, the cement unit and supporting equipment need to be available and reliable during the job. Both are keys to the overall success of the cementing operation. With the realities of offshore cementing in mind, the industry wide challenge in finding appropriate talent in the respective regions further complicates the cementing service delivery. This type of situation requires a step change in the way cementing operations are currently done to drive the necessary process and quality assurance. Taking lessons learned from other industries with similar risk profiles, process and quality assurance can be achieved by providing: • A “second set of eyes” to drive the necessary process and quality assurance • Access to a trusted advisor that will back up remote resources during the critical junctures of the job By leveraging the latest in situational awareness and real-time technologies, offshore cementing will usher in a new age where the cementing specialist can access the knowledge and live assistance of experts across the world. This paper will discuss the approach and benefits of enabling real-time remote advisory services for remote cementing operations. Methods, Procedures, Process:Approach: • Provide real-time video and audio surveillance and collaboration to remote experts • Configure proposed cementing job procedures and synchronize it to relevant video feeds to enable remote expert response and process validation as required • Record and report against relevant data, real-time and post job analysis Results, Observations, Conclusions:Benefits:Process Assurance - Validation and verification that key steps are being performed as planned • Operational Efficiency - Remote experts are available on-demand regardless of geographical location • Traceability - Record of operational activities to support compliance, knowledge transfer and process improvement • Reduced Project NPT - With technology leveraged surveillance to improve quality assurance Novel/Additive Information: n/a

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