Small production operators have to efficiently and safely produce oil and gas despite being faced with many challenges to effectively deliver at the desired metrics (e.g., $/BOE). These challenges include a growing number of wells and facilities, massive increases in big data, legacy systems with associated highly manual processes for diagnosing and analyzing operations, and limited human resources. This paper presents a digital oilfield (DOF) journey, tagged the “Reservoir Surveillance Initiative” (RSI), for a small, independent production operator with the objective of using DOF workflows to increase production efficiencies, reduce downtime, increase production, and reduce risk. The approach was to (1) identify opportunities for significant value creation; (2) prioritize high-value opportunities based on “low-hanging fruit;” (3) produce a collaborative generation of functional and detailed requirements; (4) begin iterative agile development with weekly interaction; and (5) provide deployment and training. This paper presents specifics on DOF methods, engineering functionalities, and workflows delivered in two San Joaquin Valley (SJV) heavy-oil assets and a Permian tight-oil asset. The DOF RSI initiative enables a transition from work processes characterized by technical “silos” to work processes characterized by “right-time, ” collaborative, and actionable decision-making. All asset team members can access all the data all the time with dynamic analyses so that they can be proactive to improve results. Examples of workflows implemented in collaborative workrooms and dashboards are presented: cyclic steam management and risk mitigation with tiltmeter data; pattern steam injection management based on steam efficiency, pump surveillance, and diagnostics; and vertical stacked-pay tight-oil production managed through daily rod-pump surveillance and monitoring and tubing as well as rod-wear diagnostics. The paper discusses the value created for operations and production.

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