The invent of wired pipes technology opens new avenues for decision making in drilling operations while rising new challenges for making sense of the deluge of delivered measurements. Due to the high costs of drilling, fastness and safety are the two most forsaken requirements. The wired pipes technology inaugurates a dramatic change in the way drilling is currently performed. In fact, down-hole measurements will be available at a higher data rate alleviating the need for the traditional model based measurements, different sensors will be distributed along the miles of pipe posing challenge to fusion them for decision making. In addition to handling the overwhelming quantity of information, user friendly human machine interfaces should be developed and the driller should be trained to cope with the new ways of presenting the drilling data. Exploiting the latent benefits of wired pipes requires an interdisciplinary research that combines different fields of science namely data mining, control theory, artificial intelligence and statistics. In this paper, we will give insights into our effort centered on devising a comprehensive real time decision making mechanism that resorts to wired pipes. The main idea behind is to automatize many of the manual operations in drilling so that to achieve higher speed drilling. The paper will mainly focus on optimizing the rate of penetration, the control of pressure within the pressure window, optimizing the tripping in/out speed and managing the pump start-up. Accurate estimation methods of the remaining life of the drilling bit should be developed in order to avoid unnecessary tripping. The paper will also give insights into Artificial Intelligence based paradigms for predicting and detecting drilling incidents such as loss of circulation and hole pack-off.

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