Drilling automation is gaining momentum as seen by the increasing participation at workshops. Most of the early efforts of drilling automation have focused on incorporating specialized algorithms by both oil companies and service companies that try to improve the drilling performance. As drilling automation efforts try to scale to all rig types and all drilling operations there will be an increasing need to integrate and connect equipment from different vendors with different control systems to create complete automated work flow. Implementing drilling automation on existing rigs requires integration of equipment owned by the drilling contractor, service company and even the operator. This paper will investigate different architectures that have been successfully used in other domains to solve this key technology challenge to support Automation on a drilling rig. Cloud computing has been used as a way to provision services on demand. There are several public cloud services that are available via the internet. The focus of this paper will be the implementation of a community cloud infrastructure that can be implemented on a drilling rig, provisioning various services key to the successful implementation of drilling automation.

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