Digital Field technology has become the standard for green field development in the industry and brown fields are in the progress toward it. In this paper, the digital oilfield (DOF) technology will be outlined and one of the ongoing projects will be used as the case study.

The digital field technology has evolved from only gathering data to making online analysis and real time optimization in the past forty years. The industry also leverages the platform to reduce OPEX and CAPEX by applying engineering workflows. The workflows could either replace human work with more efficient and quality job or provide proactive operation and foreseeable optimization advice. At the same time, the E&P industry are going to face more and more high frequency and high volume data challenges from technical side and change management challenges from non-technical side. The lesson learnt and successful experience will also be presented.

The case study in this paper addresses the achievement of building digital field platform in one of the biggest digital oilfield projects in the world-Kuwait Intelligent Digital Field (KwIDF) project. The scenario or requirements are different form field to field around the world while customized workflows could always help operator -to work efficiently. In this project, the digital field platform not only make Kuwait Oil Company(KOC) to reduce the non-production time more than 50% and promote HSE standard to a higher level but also assist engineers to make better decision by applying production and operation workflows powered by the engineering software.

The paper will also address the standing on the current digital oilfield development stage to overview the three components: the people, process and technology.

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