An operator recently completed more than 20 intelligent well systems, with extensive permanent in-well monitoring throughout. As part of this program, a new capability is being included to monitor and provide early warning regarding the health of the data collection system. The objective of the health monitoring system is to give greater insight into the quality of the data being collected. By analogy, instead of getting a pulse from the system, the operator receives actual diagnostics about any urgent issues. The tool's dashboard displays a visual indication of the integrity and quality of all the down-hole equipment data being recorded in the historian and allows a technician to quickly drill down to the source of the anomaly.

The system provides the following benefits:

  • Early detection of impending equipment failures

  • Technical support staff are warned about alarming events and trends

  • Technical support staff are provided a tool to quickly analyze equipment performance by summarizing the current status and recent quality of acquired data

  • Faster response by technical resources to events, and quicker resolution of down-hole equipment problems

  • Easy detection of misconfigured tags in the OSISoft PI historian that could mitigate future data management issues or missing critical data

  • Prevents periods when no data is recorded; the event alarms immediately notify the person responsible rather than relying on periodic system checks, e.g., once a month

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