This paper describes the process of development, deployment and operation of an in-house integrated real time solution for Well Performance Monitoring (WPM) dedicated to mature asset in Gabon that took place in 2008. Particular focus is given to the assessment of how initial objectives in terms of functionality and practical benefits - namely daily diagnosis, setting and asset-wide optimization - have been fulfilled. The last part details how the lessons learned during this period allowed Total Gabon to extend in an efficient way the WPM solution to another mature oilfield of its portfolio, as part of a major rejuvenation and additional development programme.

The proposed material is of direct application for whoever is to develop, deploy or use a real time monitoring solution involving one or several of the following features: multiple databases, multi-disciplinary teams, workflow oriented approach, modelling and optimisation, shared application. It is of particular use to anyone involved in mature asset production optimization. Several key success drivers are highlighted and illustrated through detailed examples:

  • Identify and involve key users

  • Promote early operational feedback

  • Audit instrumentation, communication, network, databases, applications and models

  • Identify and prepare necessary adjustments of business processes

  • Avoid project overselling

  • Provide impeccable and proactive user support

  • Initiate and maintain momentum

This paper provides an un-biased feedback from the end-user point of view based on three years of extensive use and testing in real operations. Moreover, technical and organizational issues faced during the early deployment phase are thoroughly discussed, focusing on the importance of change management. Finally, the paper describes how it has been possible to capitalize upon the initial experience in order to improve the efficiency of the deployment of the WPM solution on a second asset.

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