All industries are being challenged to demonstrate corporate and environmental responsibilities, none more so than those of our own sector. We have taken a holistic approach to this challenge by developing waste monitoring systems to support the drilling waste processing service. For the first time, customers can now monitor their drilling waste online with near-real-time data on locations, tonnage, analysis and cumulative costs, thereby ensuring accuracy and regulatory accountability at all times.

Seamless integration of multiple existing IT and drilling and evaluation analyses systems provides cradle-to-grave monitoring and traceability of drilling related waste. This enables waste-processing staff, customers and regulatory bodies to have full visibility of wastes at various stages in the waste-management process, not only from the environmental perspective but also the estimated costs of processing. The customer can now make informed decisions while drilling to reduce the environmental impact and cost of processing the drilling waste.

The integration of existing systems and common data standards such as WITSML delivers an innovative technology solution to the waste-management process and a model for utilizing multiple existing systems across the enterprise, reducing implementation costs and the resource footprint.

By having this high level of visibility to locations, tonnages, analysis results and cumulative cost tracking, the information reconciliation and confirmation of by-product inertness protects both the environment and our customers.

Our challenge has been to elevate the industry's environmental visibility of their waste products to a new level. This will benefit our customers by satisfying the most stringent environmental protection agency requirements. Customers will have a clear chain of custody for their wastes and at the same time lay the benchmark to take them into a future of ever-tightening industry regulations and environmental awareness.

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