Information is key to evaluating the unconventional resources both with regard to characterizing the properties of geologic and petroleum systems, but also to estimating the potential of different resource types. The complex requirements for the data include: 1) integration of data with multiple types (e.g., basin general data, petroleum system data, and resource volume data), 2) display of the different patterns or correlations among the data (e.g., value distributions, geologic relationship, and geographical profile), 3) interpretation of data evaluation (e.g., numeric functions, evaluation models, and result meanings). Therefore, it is important to maintain a well-organized representation and management of data for better evaluation and decision-making.

In this contribution, the paper presents results of a resource evaluation system where the visualization method is thoroughly utilized not only to display and analyze data over multiple patterns and functions, but to enable users to clearly and easily manage data that have different types and relationships. The study was performed on a database that contains large volume of data about 25 North American basins having significant unconventional resource development. Here detailed, integrated data analysis was required for analog analysis and resource estimation to evaluate frontier basins. The solution was realized based on an integration of data visualization, management, and analysis using newly developed technologies.

It is shown that the integrated visualization and management of evaluation data helps discover the insightful relationships and patterns in different perspectives or scales, which is unattainable by traditional histograms or plots. Visualized data analysis and views highlight important results and critical factors of identifying analog basins while allowing the users to generally understand the large volume of data. In addition, the designed model enables users to manage data more efficiently, and supports the better understanding and transfer of knowledge.

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