Meeting current and future worldwide demand for oil and gas requires continuous improvement in the productivity of reservoirs and oil and gas operations. Upstream oil and gas operations are now focusing on the increased use of real-time information technology to the norm seen in many industries, including downstream manufacturing operations. Crossbreeding of oilfield science and culture and information technology is helping to implement advanced system engineering and optimization processes to total asset awareness for maximizing the performance of people and processes. This has opened up opportunities and requirements for the preparation of a new generation of petroleum engineers. There is a growing level of interest and curiosity from practicing petroleum engineers to understand and to potentially join the evolving professional track of digital petroleum engineers.

This paper brings points of view from the academia, industry and service companies to describe the opportunities, the Industry strategies, and approaches concerning the human element of applying digital technology. Strategies are discussed for training engineering graduates on the concepts and practices that are making this professional track perhaps the most evolutionary change in manpower training since the inception of the petroleum industry.

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