Shell E&P operates a Smart Fields implementation program that integrates roles, activities and technology around key oil production business processes. One of the biggest challenges has been to follow up implementation of technology and processes with sustained change of people behaviour. The program has found a practical change management approach that achieves sustained integration that "sticks" beyond the lifetime of a specific implementation project.

Successful integrated teams are typically built on good leadership, clear goals, clear accountability, a sense of shared responsibility, and a no-blame culture. Most oil companies have such teams for individual projects. However, they struggle to achieve sustained team integration in routine operations. The project successes indicate that processes and technology are not the primary cause for this struggle.

Experience with integration programs around people, process, and technology suggest that two critical success factors are often overlooked. Firstly, oil companies need to develop measurable integration-oriented objectives. A typical example is integrated production system optimisation vs. optimising individual wells. Team members must be rewarded for realizing system opportunities even if those diminish the opportunities for their own areas of responsibility. Secondly, change programs must be followed up by regular intervention of leaders to ensure that the desired behaviour is sustained. Often this simply comes down to leaders asking questions that reinforce expected behaviour.

This paper discuss experience from projects in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, sharing examples of measurable integration-oriented objectives as implemented in these projects:

  • Definition of objectives

  • Implementation approach

  • Mechanism for sustainability

  • Learnings

We also present intervention cases that leaders should follow to show that they care about how results are being obtained, in the Smart Fields integrated way of working.

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