The paper will present an approach to integrating business processes across different functional silos in a production operations environment on a real-time basis: planning, well performance, allocation and accounting, maintenance and reliability, safety and compliance, etc.

Different systems and applications that have been deployed around the production unit in the field largely remain isolated in their silos and from business processes. Existing integration is often brittle point-to-point integration that is difficult to maintain when systems or applications at either end change. While this type of integration has allowed for a certain increase in efficiencies through automation, the future is too look beyond data integration to business process integration, bringing tighter integration between production processes and business processes, not just systems and applications, closer to real-time. Application and key metric information can be presented to reflect the different roles in an organization, and can be rolled-up to an enterprise level, or drilled down to a production unit level. Common views and data aggregated from real-time systems and business systems, accessible to different functions, provides a collaborative environment to enable quicker and more profitable decision making.

In this paper we will present the underlying technical foundations that make the integration possible and explore the integrated work processes that are now enabled.

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