The paper describes some simple, but effective steps in providing drilling and completions data and visualisation in support of enhanced collaboration whilst allowing for future growth. The solution is based on WITSML and is implemented in the Operator's Advanced Collaborative Environment (ACE) in Aberdeen.

The transmission of large amounts of data onshore, from the rig is a relatively easy task but ensuring that these data are accurate and usable in both industry and proprietary tools is more of a challenge. The services provided by the major service companies are still geared towards providing data through their proprietary data packages and tools and the support they provide has been honed to match this business model. This situation is changing because of operators’ needs for technical and commercial flexibility.

Since January 2008, seven rig teams have adopted a new data viewer provided by an independent supplier. The shift has been user driven, prompted by a desire for consistency and the availability of dedicated on-site support. The use of proprietary tools and the greater sharing of data between the drilling and completions and subsurface disciplines is also driving the change, challenging set methods of data capture, communication and visualisation. The data displays in open areas have proved to be particularly popular and effective.

Further work is needed to improve internal service levels out of normal working hours and achieve greater alignment with the service providers to leverage existing infrastructure, practices and expertise and avoid unwanted complexity and cost. Robustness will become increasingly important as more critical services are delivered from onshore. Greater standardisation will help. Contract interfaces, both with main service providers and sub-providers still represent a major challenge.

The paper describes the data viewer and its deployment, the progress and successes to date and the further improvements required. Overall, team's attitude towards their data is changing and the real issue is getting teams to their data.

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